Mobile Keno in Philippines

In the Philippines, one of the only things that could make island life that more blissful is the possibility of playing your favourite casino game, Keno online, from right in your hand. With the rapid advancement of mobile technology, this possibility is now a reality. Mobile Keno is fast, fun and conveniently fits into your lifestyle, whether you are always on the move or sitting by the poolside drinking a cocktail.

Mobile Keno is a casino game works is similar to how the lottery does, with Filipino players selecting up to 15 numbers that they deem to be the lucky combination. If your number combination is the winning one, you will literally hit the real money casino jackpot. Every one of your numbers that match those rolling out of the virtual machine is called a hit. The number range goes up to 80, so you do have quite a scope to work with when deciding your lucky few.

The virtual scorecard looks like the bingo sheet with all the numbers laid out and you use either your fingers if it is a touch screen on an iPhone casino app or a keypad to select the numbers you wish. At the top of the screen, you will see the balance which increases according to the amount of hits you receive. There is also a bet and win section at the top of the screen which details the amount you have wagered and won. Four buttons can be found at the bottom of the screen, namely play, undo, clear and menu.

How to play mobile keno online

Many of the mobile Keno games offer tutorials that you can check out before you begin the real deal. You can even time yourself to monitor your improvements as a professional online Keno player, allowing you to get the hang of things at your own pace. With mobile, you no longer have to worry about waiting in lines or bustling through crowds at the casino just to play. Mobile offers an exceptional experience that will keep you entertained for hours with the smooth graphics and easy format, allowing you to win that jackpot in no time! Tailor your Keno games to your needs and desires by setting your favourite themes and music tones whilst you play. Your game will be completely unique to you and will let you play more comfortably in a virtual environment suited to your liking.

Hit the online keno jackpot

Android powered smartphones and tablets, iPads and iPhone have allowed Philippines mobile casino players to access this ancient Chinese game from wherever they are and whenever they are feeling lucky enough to have a round. To start playing one of the most entertaining games on mobile, make sure to choose from the options as mentioned on this site to ensure that your money is secure when depositing to an online Keno site. You will be able to perform better a peaceful mind, knowledgeable of the fact that your money is in good hands and that you won’t have the wool pulled over your eyes. Choose a mobile Keno game from any one of our top rated recommended mobile sites and get winning as much as your heart desires!