Play Mobile Sic Bo Philippines

The Sic Bo game has a long and illustrious history and has been played in China and across the globe for several centuries. A popular form of dice wagering, online Sic Bo is second only to baccarat as one of the most enjoyed forms of wagering entertainment in the east, and over the years this exciting and exhilarating game has made the very successful transition to online, and now mobile casinos.

For players in the Philippines being able to enjoy mobile Sic Bo has opened up a whole new world of entertainment options. To ensure that you only enjoy top quality games at sites that accept players from this region we’ve taken the time to rate, review and recommend the very best mobile casinos offering this exceptional game. With our top rated Philippines-friendly sites you can indulge in online Sic Bo on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and have fun and win big absolutely anywhere you choose.

The premise of Sic Bo online is very simple and this makes it even more appealing to players who want to enjoy a fast paced Sic Bo game that can offer quick rewards. All that players are required to do is predict the outcome of 3 rolled dice and a correct guess will warrant a win. Whilst the online Sic Bo betting table may seem a little complicated you’ll find that once you get started playing its almost self-explanatory and bets are easy to place.

Once bets are placed on the number or numbers that players think the 3 dice will reveal they are thrown, and many mobile games allow for players to use their devices to shake the dice beforehand. This is done using the haptic feedback of a device and a player mimics the shake movement to add an interactive angle to the game.

In Sic Bo betting big means wagering for a total dice count of 11 to 17, whilst Betting Small covers all bets between 4 and 10. If the correct outcome is predicted a player will be a winner, but should a triple be rolled they will lose out. Odd or even bets are also an option and you can simply guess whether the total of the dice roll will be an odd or even amount, or you can bet on the sum of the total amount. Triple and double bets are available, and one of the most risky, but high paying bets is the exact number bet. To place this type of bet you must select 3 number combinations that each dice could reveal after a roll, and should you be correct the real money casino payout can be enormous.

Win Big with Sic Bo on Mobiles

Often considered a game for high rollers, mobile Sic Bo not only offers all the advantages of gaming on the go with iPhone or Android casino apps, but it also allows for players to play for free and fun, or to wager as low or as high as they desire. All budgets are catered for and you can up the ante as you desire. The Philippines mobile casinos you find listed here all facilitate real money play and make winning big with mobile Sic Bo a reality. For all the best in online Sic Bo entertainment select any one of our top rated casinos that offer games optimised for your mobile and start rolling the dice to win!